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DRIFT Charging Adapter for Cars


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DRIFT, the charging adapter for cars – your reliable road companion. Enjoy lightning-fast charging, ensuring your devices are always powered up on the go. With built-in voltage protection and charge protection, rest assured your gadgets are safe during every ride. Embrace the sleek design and dual ports, making it perfect for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

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Drift Charging Adapter- astawolf
Power 18W USB and 20W Type C
Current 4A max
No. of ports 2
No. of pins 1
Pin size  
Pin type  
Charging life 2000 hours
Port type USB A+C
Color Same as the sample
Over current and over voltage
Rust resistance Yes
Dust resistance Yes
Anti flamable material Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Soft and delicate texture Yes
Support multiple protocol Yes
Super fast charging Yes
Multiple protection for batteries Yes
All device compatible Yes
Auto power cut after full charge Yes
High current conversion efficiecy Yes
Smart power distribution Yes
Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Yes
Surge and overload protection Yes

Parameter Output

  • USB A : 6V/3A
  • USB A : 9V/2A
  • USB A : 12V/1.5A
  • USB C : 5V/4A
  • USB C : 6V/3A
  • USB C : 9V/2.22A
  • USB C : 12V/1.67A
  • USBA-18W / USBC-20W max

Box Content:

  • 1 charging adaptor


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What is the power output of the DRIFT Charging Adapter?
The DRIFT Charging Adapter provides a power output of 18W USB & 20W Type C.
How many ports does the DRIFT Charging Adapter have?
The DRIFT Charging Adapter has two ports - one USB A port and one USB C port.
Does the DRIFT Charging Adapter have a built-in smart chip to protect the device's battery?
Yes, the DRIFT Charging Adapter features a built-in smart chip to protect the battery health of connected devices.
Is the material used in the DRIFT Charging Adapter anti-flammable?
Yes, the DRIFT Charging Adapter is made from anti-flammable material for enhanced safety.
Does the DRIFT Charging Adapter have short circuit protection?
Yes, the DRIFT Charging Adapter is designed with short-circuit protection to prevent damage during unforeseen events.

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