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FLASH Data Cable

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FLASH Data Cables – the epitome of durability and style. With a braided design, these cables are built to withstand daily wear and tear. Experience lightning-fast charging and data transfer without compromising on strength. The strong grip ensures a secure connection every time.

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Flash Lightning Cable - Astawolf
Flash Lightning Cable - Astawolf
Flash Type C - Astawolf
Flash Micro Cable - Astawolf
Input/output USB to micro
USB to lightning
USB to type c -- 100W
Length 1m
Nylon Braided wire Yes
Transmission rate max 480mbps
Current 5A
Weight lifting capacity 1000 gram
Plug/charging life 15000 time
Bending capacity 80000 times
Core material Copper
Thickness 4.2 OD
TPE wire No
Color Black
Selling points:  
Fast charging Yes
Support multiple protocol Yes
Current protection for batteries Yes
Anti winding wire Yes
Anti rusting material Yes
Anti short-circuit Yes
All device compatible Yes
Safe and fast data transmission Yes
Anti flamable wire Yes
Metal shield protection for stable
Intelligent charging by providing
best output power
Auto power cut after full charge Yes
Zinc alloy shell Yes
Compactible with powerbank,mp4,
cellphone, tablet, car
Nickle plated plug Yes
Low impedence Yes

Box Content:

  • 1 data cable

USB to Lightning, USB to Micro, USB to type C


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What are the different input/output options available for the FLASH Data Cable?
The FLASH Data Cable comes with USB to micro, USB to lightning, and USB to type c connectors (supporting up to 100W).
What is the length of the FLASH Data Cable?
The FLASH Data Cable has a length of 1 meter.
What is the weight lifting capacity of the FLASH Data Cable?
The FLASH Data Cable has a weight lifting capacity of 1000 grams.
How many times can the FLASH Data Cable be bent before experiencing wear and tear?
The FLASH Data Cable can be bent up to 80,000 times without damage.
Does the FLASH Data Cable have anti-short circuit protection?
Yes, the FLASH Data Cable is equipped with anti-short circuit protection for safe charging.

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