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PROTON Powerbank


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Meet the Proton Powerbank – your ultimate charging companion. Always stay in the know with the percentage indicator, ensuring you never run out of power unexpectedly. Experience lightning-fast charging that keeps your devices ready for action in no time. Travel with ease as it’s flight-friendly, your perfect travel companion. Its slim and grippy design fits comfortably in your hand. Plus, with the original cable included, you’re always equipped for quick refueling.

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Proton Powerbank -astawolf
Proton Powerbank -astawolf
Proton Powerbank -astawolf
Proton Powerbank -astawolf
Battery capacity 10000 mAh
Actual capacity 6700 mAh
No. of ports:  
USB port 1
Pd port 1
power bank charging port 2
Total port 4
Charge indicator Yes
percentage indicator Yes
Max power 22.5W
Size 144mmX68mmX18mm
Input ampere max 3A
Output ampere max 5A
Energy conservation rate >=75%
Input port micro and type c
Output port 1 usb and type c
Color Black
Support super fast charging Yes
Strongly build Yes
Fire proof/antiflamable Yes
Flight friendly Yes
Explosion proof Yes
Comfortable hold design Yes
Single button operation Yes
Over current and over voltage
Dust resistance Yes
Sweat resistance Yes
High efficiency recharge cycle Yes
Multiple device charging Yes
Two way fast charigng Yes
Smart power distribution Yes
All device compatible Yes
High current conversion efficiecy Yes

Don't leave power bank in completely charged or discharged state for a long period of time
Don't drain the battery to 0%
Charge when battery drops to 25-50%

Parameter output
USB C : 5V/3A
USB C : 9V/2A
USB C : 12V/1.5A (PD)
USB A : 4.5V/5A
USB A : 5V/3A
USB A : 9V/2.5A
USB A : 12V/1.87A

Parameter Input
USB C : 5V/3A
USB C : 9V/2A
USB C : 12V/1.5A (PD)
Micro : 5V/3A
Micro : 9V/2A
Micro : 12V/1.5A


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What is the battery capacity of the Proton Powerbank?
The Proton Powerbank has a battery capacity of 10000 mAh.
What is the actual capacity of the Proton Powerbank?
The actual capacity of the Proton Powerbank is 6700 mAh, which is the usable capacity for charging devices.
How many ports does the Proton Powerbank have?
The Proton Powerbank has a total of 4 ports, including 1 USB port, 1 PD port, and 2 power bank charging ports.
Does the Proton Powerbank have a percentage indicator?
Yes, the Proton Powerbank also has a percentage indicator, providing more accurate information about the remaining battery.
Does the Proton Powerbank support super-fast charging?
Yes, the Proton Powerbank supports super-fast charging for compatible devices.

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