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RHYTHM Earphone


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RHYTHM Earphones – where design and sound unite to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. Embrace the sleek and stylish outear design, perfectly fitting your ears for maximum comfort. Immerse yourself in captivating sound quality, as you get lost in your favorite tunes.

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Rhythm Earphones-astawolf
Rhythm Earphones-astawolf
Rhythm Earphones-astawolf
Pin 3.5 mm
With mic Yes
Volume key No
Pause/play key Yes
Length 1.2m
Driver 11mm
Impedance 16 ohms
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Microphone sensitivity 116+-3dB 1KHz
Water resistance ipx4
Style outear
Magnetic No
Color Black
Support high quality clear call Yes
Can pick and cut calls Yes
Long term confortable use Yes
Super tough wire Yes
Stereo sound Yes
Use for gaming Yes
Punchy heavy bass Yes
Anti winding wire Yes
Precise sound positionig Yes
Sweat proof / splash proof Yes
Oxidation resistant tip Yes
Strong magnetic speakers Yes
TPE wire Yes

Box Content:

  • 1 Earphone


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What type of pin connector does the RHYTHM Earphone have?
The RHYTHM Earphone has a 3.5 mm pin connector.
Does the RHYTHM Earphone come with a built-in microphone?
Yes, the RHYTHM Earphone has a microphone for hands-free calling.
What is the length of the cable for the RHYTHM Earphone?
The cable length of the RHYTHM Earphone is 1.2 meters.
Is the RHYTHM Earphone water-resistant?
Yes, the RHYTHM Earphone has an IPX4 water resistance rating.
Does the RHYTHM Earphone provide precise sound positioning for better audio clarity?
Yes, the RHYTHM Earphone offers precise sound positioning for clear audio quality.

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