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About Us


ASTA WOLF is taking a leap in the tech and lifestyle market by revolutionizing it in a quality based affordable plus trendy, stylish and fashionable way. As the name speaks for itself, wolf tents make a community of its esteemed pack of users, creating a playful, joyful and prideful feeling. The wildness and ferocious behaviour of the wolf; will be experienced by the pack through the quality and design of our products. There is a huge gap in quality and price between the hi-fi branded products and Chinese cheap quality ones in the market; and here comes wolf, to hunt the same gap to provide users with hi-fi quality with an affordable price base and cherry on the top; in a more fashionable way. Wolf will be a pioneer in the Nepalese market to do so.

For the initial start, Wolf will be dealing with the everyday used tech and lifestyle products in categories; wearables, wearables, power drove and electronics as the four toes of the wolf’s paw. The products will be smartwatches, earbuds, earphones, headphones, speakers, power cables, power adaptors, power banks and many more.

In the early stage, Wolf will be expanding its territory to the five most hot marketplaces within the valley from physical stores and to all over Nepal through an online platform.

About us:

We the co-founders of the brand ASTA WOLF, who have a experience of 15 years in the tech lifestyle market serving the B2B module. So, this leap is to go beyond B2B to D2C to give more and more benefits to direct users. We find ourselves much connected to the brand as we have the same Wolf’s spirit of being team leaders, strategical, family and team-based, loyal, curious, competitive, determined, visionary, flexible, passionate and innovative character which somewhere resembles what WOLF is all about. We want to be the first and foremost choice of users and create domination in the market.


Wolf tents to create a strong stand in the Nepalese tech and lifestyle market and make every user realize that the “Customer is the King” policy. For now, it will be importing the products but as a long vision, it shall be designing, manufacturing and assembling all the products by itself in Nepal for Nepalese and for the rest of the globe as well.

Our main objective is to give all the users; products from which they will get the value for money paid and be able to get assurance and guarantee for the quality.

Why us?

ASTA WOLF wants to create a sustainable, qualitative and affordable product base for its pack base. The deep research and knowledge of the products and cost advantage shall keep Wolf ahead of other products in the market. Our 15 years of experience will guide our way all the way through what we objectify. We will be reaching a very wide range of users as we do have a very unique marketing and advertisement strategy which as a wolf, we shall be dominating the industry.

Wolf, loyally will serve its pack with qualitative, affordable and service-friendly products in order to get a customer retention ratio the by far the highest any brand has got in the market.

Wolf believes in making the customers feel like King Lion and itself be the loyal server every now and then.

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