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New ROLLY Wireless Earbuds: Take Control of Your Music

Listening enthusiasts and quick learners, rejoice! Asta Wolf is excited to present the ROLLY Wireless Earbuds, carefully created to provide superb sound quality and effortless operation.

Effortless Connection, Extended Playtime

The ROLLY guarantees a stable connection with your device with the most recent Bluetooth V 5.3 + EDR technology. Say goodbye to grating lag or dropout and hello to uninterrupted audio enjoyment. Furthermore, setting up automatic pairing is as simple as just putting on the earbuds.

Enjoy up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge, making it ideal for journeys, intense workouts, or lost in your favourite audiobook. You may stay charged all day long with the 20+ hours provided by the associated charging case. In need of a rapid energy rise? With the ROLLY’s quick charging capabilities, your music may be restored in just 30 minutes.

Crystal Clear Communication, Unmatched Durability

Even in noisy settings, Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) makes sure your voice is always crystal clear when on the phone. The ROLLY ensures clear communication whether you’re catching up with loved ones or mastering conference calls.

The IPX4 sweat and water-resistant grade of the ROLLY earphones means they are made to handle your busy lifestyle. They are capable of managing whatever situation you put them in, even demanding workouts and unplanned downpours. The anti-oxidation coating guards against normal wear and tear, and the comfortable fit guarantees long wearability.


Beyond the Specs: The ROLLY Experience

The ROLLY Wireless Earbuds present a tempting blend of cutting-edge functionalities, exceptional audio quality, and design. Whether you’re an active worker, a fitness enthusiast, or just a fan of excellent music, they’re the ideal partner for your dynamic lifestyle.

Uncompromised Sound Quality

The ROLLY earbuds’ 13mm speaker drivers are designed to produce rich, immersive audio that enhances the sound quality of your podcasts, movies, and music. Enjoy powerful bass, clear mids, and sharp highs—it’s like having a little symphony in your ears!

Seamless Convenience

Asta Wolf focuses a high value on the user experience, which is demonstrated with the ROLLY earphones. Long listening periods are guaranteed to fit comfortably thanks to the intuitive design. For convenient on-the-go charging, the stylish charging case fits neatly into your pocket or purse. Additionally, the majority of modern chargers are universally compatible due to the Type-C charging interface.

Peace of Mind

The ROLLY earbuds are a purchase you can trust because they come with a 6-month guarantee. Asta Wolf guarantees customer satisfaction by standing behind their goods.

Conclusion: ROLLY Wireless Earbuds

Although it can be difficult to choose the best earbuds in Nepal, Asta Wolf’s Rolly Wireless Earbuds are a good option. Their striking features, cosy design, and focus on daily utility make them suitable for a diverse set of users. The ROLLY earbuds are impressive whether you’re a student looking for a trustworthy music companion, a busy professional, or a fitness enthusiast. Thus, be sure to check out the Asta Wolf Rolly Wireless Earbuds if you’re in Nepal and want a feature-rich, easy-to-use set of earbuds. They can end up being your first pick when it comes to immersive audio experiences!

If You Want to Buy ROLLY Wireless Earbuds

On Daraz, you can place an order! At this time, the Daraz store is the only place to purchase this Product. Get the ROLLY difference for yourself by visiting Daraz!

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