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The Best Astawolf Power Bank for Every Budget

A power bank is one of the helpful gadgets that helps us by storing electrical energy and charging electronic devices. It can also be called a portable charger or power pack, as we can take it anywhere to charge our electronic devices away from our homes. They are mainly used to charge smartphones, tablets, air pods etc. But they can also be used to charge other electronic devices like cameras, headphones, and game consoles.

Power banks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes along with their capacity. The capacity of the power bank is measured in milliampere-hours. It lets the gadget charge for a longer time if it has a larger mAh. It is very important to consider the power bank’s capacity and charging speed. The charging speed of the power bank is measured in watts. If it has a higher watt, the power bank can quickly charge the device.

Some Benefits of Using Power Banks:

  • Provides on-the-go device charging: Power banks are good at maintaining gadget power while you have to travel for a long day or a time. This is helpful while going on a long tour, campaign or trekking.
  • Extends the battery life of your devices: With the help of a power bank you can avoid frequently emptying your devices’ battery. This can help to make the battery life of your device last longer.
  • Charge multiple devices: Power banks having multiple USB ports allow one to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Using Power Banks:

  • Choose a power bank which is compatible with your device.
  • Do not use the damaged power bank.
  • Avoid keeping the power bank in extreme temperatures.
  • Remember to recharge your power bank.

If you are willing to buy the best power bank then Asta Wolf can be the best option for you. Asta Wolf offers the best quality gadgets at a very affordable price. They are offering five kinds of power banks under 3000.

Bold Power Bank:

The bold power bank is the ultimate blend of power and style. It is very slim and grippy which can perfectly fit in your hand and is effortlessly portable. It supports super-fast charging capabilities. You can charge your device in a very short period. It comes with a 6-month warranty.

Its specifications are: Battery capacity is 10000 mAh, Actual capacity is 6700 mAh. When it comes to charging options, you will get 5 ports in total. Two standard USB ports, a PD type-C port for fast charging up to 22.5w and two dedicated ports micro USB and TYPE-C for refilling the power bank itself. A charge indicator in it helps you to know when to charge again. It ensures secure charging. It is designed comfortably so that it fits well in the hand. It is available in black colour and it supports fast charging. It is fireproof, flight-friendly, explosion-proof and can be operated using a single button.

Bold Ultra-Power Bank:

This power bank is packed with high power which lets the device charge in a very short period. This is portable and grippy which fits easily in your hand.

Its specifications are:  This power bank has a high capacity of 20000 mAh offering multiple charges for the devices. Its actual usable capacity is around 13500 mAh. It has 4 ports. Containing 2 USB ports 1 Pd port, and 2 power bank charging ports. Its charging indicator lets you know when to charge again. Its maximum power is 22.5 W. It gives priority to safety as well, as it is fireproof, explosion proof and flight-friendly.

Boss Power Bank:

This offers fast charging capacity and is a very portable powerhouse. It lets you travel with ease as it is flight-friendly. It comes with the original cable. Its specifications are: It has a labelled capacity of 10000 mAh and an actual capacity is 6700 mAh. It offers a total 3 numbers of ports. A standard USB port for most devices, a USB-C port for fast charging and a type-c for recharging the power bank itself. There is a small LED indicator which shows when charging is active. It is flight-friendly, explosion proof and fireproof. It is comfortable to hold as it has a simple and easy grip. It is dust-resistant and sweat-resistant as well.

Proton Power Bank:

This offers lightning-fast charging which keeps your device ready for action anytime. Its design is slim and grippy which makes it easier to fit in your hand.

Its specifications are: It has a labelled capacity of 10,000 mAh, and the actual usable capacity is around 6700 mAh so you can charge multiple phones at the same time. It provides a total of four ports. You can find USB-A ports for most devices, USB-C ports for faster charging, and two input ports, micro-USB and type-C for recharging the power bank itself. This power bank is built with fireproof/anti-flammable materials, it is flight-friendly and is explosion-proof for peace of mind.

Proton Ultra-Power Bank:

It has high power which lets your device charge very fast. It is portable and flight friendly so you can carry it without any problem.

Its specifications are: This power bank has 20000 mAh labelled capacity, and approximately 13,500 mAh usable capacity. It offers flexible charging as it has a total of four ports. It has a standard USB-A port for most devices and a USB-C port for fast charging. And two input ports-micro-USB and type-C for recharging the power bank itself.


These are the five best power banks offered by Astawolf. If you are thinking of buying a power bank which is the best in quality and can provide a fast charging function you should go with Astawolf. The power banks are below 3000 and are easy to carry as they are flight-friendly and designed in a way that fits perfectly in your hand. You don’t have to worry about the battery capacity and charging time. They all come with 6 6-month warranty and are strongly built.

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